The Process & Plant
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The Deluxe Drycleaning plant is one of Melbourne’s largest domestic dry cleaning plants. Filled with advanced automated finishing and cleaning equipment, as well as upwards of 15 team members at any time, the plant is keeping people looking good 6 days a week and upwards of 10 hours a day.

the process

There is a genuine mystique about how dry cleaning actually works; most people assume it is a bit of steam that removes stains, the reality is that there is actually a very detailed and systematic approach to stain removal that begins the second someone walks into one of our stores.


Stain removal begins with stain identification; each garment is individually inspected to identify stains and potential problem areas. Using our point-of-sale system, customers are provided with a computer generated receipt, and are able to register for SMS or email ‘order ready notification’ which will notify them of when their order is ready.

sorting and cleaning

Dry cleaning is not actually ‘dry’ by the strictest definition. A dry cleaning machine looks similar to a very large front loading washing machine, and it works in a simialr way. To begin the process solvent is pumped into the cage along with soaps. The solvent and soaps, along with the mechanical action of the clothes moving around in the cage clean the garments and loosen dirt. The clothes do get "wet" but they are not wet with water. The process differs from a washing machine which empties the water and soap to the drain, a dry cleaning machine continuously filters and distills the solvent within the machine to ensure purity and maintain cleaning performance. The process is referred to as ‘dry’ due to the absence of water in the process. Dry cleaning has the ability to dissolve grease and oil in a way that water cannot, and helps to return garments to a new condition, avoids shrinkage, loss of colour and fabric distortion. Following check-in, garments are sorted accordingly into ‘lights’ and ‘darks’ and are processed in dedicated ‘light’ and ‘dark’ machines ensuring that whites will always be white and colours remain bright. Well maintained and modern dry cleaning machines, with appropriate deodorising programs ensure that clothes don’t have that unwanted ‘dry cleaning smell’



Union hydrocarbon drycleaning machine



Electrolux washers


Electrolux dryers



post cleaning

When garments are removed from the dry cleaning machines, they are checked for persisting stains and re-treated as necessary.

pressing and finishing

Semi-automated finishing equipment is used to press most garments including, shirts, jackets and trousers. This automated equipment ensures that a consistent high quality product is delivered, minimising the need for re-pressing and eliminating the possibility of ‘shine’. This modern technology is coupled with the use of traditional steam presses to finish delicate garments, or those that cannot conform to an automated machine. Our pressers have worked in the industry for almost 150 combined years, meaning all clothes are in good hands.


collar cuff

Sankosha collar cuff. Presses the collars and cuffs of shirt 2 at a time

shirt machine

Unipress double-buck shirt machine



Barbanti Jacket formers. These press with steam and air from the insideand use tension to achieve a high quality finish that is "shine" free.


final inspection and packaging

Once garments are cleaned and pressed they are packaged with the rest of the items in their order and given a final quality check to ensure all spots have been addressed and pressing is up to standards. At this point our point-of-sale system will send an SMS or email ready notification if a customer has been setup for these services.