Expert Dry Cleaning
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Over 25 years of management experience and almost 150 years of combined presser experience is drawn on to deliver a high quality finished product every time a garment comes into the store.

Deluxe has 4 drycleaning machines, and is one of Melbourne's largest domestic drycleaning plants. So if it's your favourite suit for a wedding, or your most delicate silk evening dress Deluxe has you covered.

Deluxe can dryclean items that have a dryclean "P" or dryclean "F" on your label. Recently we have added a hydrocarbon drycleaning machine that allows us to more capably handle your finest and most delicate items. If your care label says dryclean "F" or, hydrocarbon cleaning, we can now cater for these items.


Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

WIth 4 drycleaning machines at our disposal, and an extensive wet-cleaning department, we are able to keep one machine for commercial and industrial work, meaning we can cater for overalls and heavier, greasy items. If you would like a quote for bulk cleaning of overalls, or industrial gear,call (03) 9689 3580 for more info. Pickup and delivery is available.